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Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water SystemsThe e-clear domestic and commercial potable water sanitation and filtration systems deliver super-oxygenated water 100% free from chlorine, chemicals, hormones, pesticides, heavy metals, pollutants and waterborne pathogens.

E-clear is the only system available that not only sanitizes and purifies water but also hyper-oxygenates the water. Fully automated and delivering high flow rates to every tap, the e-clear eco-fusion system combines our unique Triple Disinfection Technology with multiple filtration, purification and polishing stages to purify without removing essential minerals from the water.

This powerful seven-stage purification and oxidation technology ensures water is oxygen rich and healthy, soft and gentle on the skin and great tasting. E-clear commercial systems are custom made to meet flow rates and sanitation standards within EC directives for bottled drinking water. Our latest commercial series sanitation system allows the flow of water through a series of oxidation and ionization chambers delivering super-oxygenated water 100% free from waterborne pathogens.

Installed at point of entry, the e-clear ECO-Fusion system provides the most advanced water sanitation and purification technology currently available for whole households leaving water oxygen rich and free from harmful toxins and chemicals.

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